Perfect anything.

Hone is a fine-tuning tool for people building digital products.

Hone is no longer available. This page serves as a memory.

Hone lets developers expose values from code with an open source library and designers finetune those with a Mac app.

It’s designed for all team sizes and platforms.
Hone works with iOS, OS X and Android.

A framework for developers.
Import the Hone Library, expose selected user interface values and forget about updating them and creating new builds just for those changes.

A visual tool for designers.
Launch the desktop tool, connect to a device running your app and tweak its design iteratively on real time. When satisfied, publish your changes back into your team’s favorite version control system.

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Pixels, fonts, sounds…
Manage and test assets or behaviours of your app.

Realtime feedback
Change apps on devices instantly, no rebuilds.

Full precision
Review app screens with a loupe and a pixel grid.

Open format
Read easily, regardless if you’re a man or a machine.

Team sharing
Publish changes without rebuilding.

Simple version control
Blend into team’s workflow without being a Git expert.

“I wasn’t messing around with some virtual demo. I was redesigning a real app, running live, on my phone. It was a novel sensation.”
— Kyle Vanhemert. Wired

“I find Hone interesting for several reasons: it allows quicker development times, concentrating on core functionality and bringing otherwise long and costly polishing phase to client/developer side.”
— Tomaz Kragelj. Gentle Bytes.